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A Play To End All Plays by Yellow Red Sparks

Was stalking this punk on Rdio and found this album from Yellow Red Sparks. This track really hooked me. The entire album is worth checking out. Here’s their SoundCloud page.

PS: Little trivia goodness for you - what really caught my eye and got me to listen was the cover (remember when covers mattered? they still do to me). It’s a photo of “Franklin’s Footpath” by artist Gene Davis. The artist painted the entire stretch of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia that leads up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here’s a photo of him painting it. And here’s the original uncropped photo that Yellow Red Sparks used for their cover The art piece dates back to 1972 (I’m old). Davis was known for painting bold vertically-lined paintings. It’s always been one of my favorite pieces of public art and I really like Davis’ work. Now you know.

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