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"DeMarco is an artist who opens when he is ready, and closes when he runs out of pizza, often hours before the posted 10 p.m.closing time. Inside, the place is quite humble, with a counter down the left side where you order, behind which sits the oven, which DeMarco mans all day. He has made every pizza served here, and continues to do so."

Di Fara’s. Best Pizza in New York (via USA Today)

I’ve gotten laughed at when I’ve called Dom an artist, though I absolutely believe it to be an apt description. He is a genuine master. If you’ve never been, you’ve never eaten the best slice of pizza you will ever eat. It is my Mecca and I’ve overdue for a pilgrimage. 

  1. firsttenthousand said: He is not young and it’s going to be a sad day when he dies (he doesn’t seem like the type to retire). I haven’t found a close second yet (once it was Pizza Napolitana, but he left). You?
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    Agreed. This place is my #1 pizza spot in NYC. But be prepared, it takes at least 1 hour to get 1 slice (or 1 pie) of...
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    Very sad. Not because I disagree. Dom and DiFara is the best thing that ever happened to pizza. There is no comparison...
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